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Histopathology Facility

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Head of Histopathology Facility

Simone Mosole


The primary function of the Histopathology Facility is to serve as a research resource for processing and evaluation of tissue specimens derived from experimental protocols carried out by staff investigators. Projects involve experimental tumor models and clinical specimens that require histological and/or cytological evaluation.

We provide technical assistance and training for:

  • Tissue processing and sample preparation,
  • Tissue fixation and embedding in paraffin and OCT
  • Section cutting and cryosections,
  • Detection of protein expression by immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence,
  • Detection of common markers like Ki-67, PCNA, p-histone H3, cleaved caspase-3, BrdU and TUNEL assay.


  • Zeiss Primo Star wide-field microscope,
  • Zeiss SteREO Discovery.v8 advanced modular stereomicroscope,
  • PALM MicroBeam System for laser microdissection and microablation of cells and tissue fragments.