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International Conference on Malignant Lymphoma (ICML)

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Tomorrow, the most important international medical congress, which regularly takes place in Switzerland, will begin in Lugano. About 4000 physicians and researchers from nearly 100 countries are expected to attend the 17th International Conference on Malignant Lymphoma (ICML) starting tomorrow in Lugano, where the latest results on diagnosis and treatment for all variants of tumors of the lymphatic system (malignant lymphomas, which represent about 5% of all malignant tumors) will be presented. The ICML is an iniative of the Institute of Oncology Research (IOR), affiliated at USI. 

The ICML was organised for the first time in Lugano in 1981 and thereafter every third and as of 2011 every second year. The ICML has become in the meantime the most important conference on malignant lymphomas worldwide, which explains the huge interest of the medical community for this conference.

Already three weeks ago, the organisers had to close the registrations since they cannot accept more than 4000 participants due to logistical reasons. Moreover, the number of physicians and researchers, who will follow the conference in live streaming, has increased and at least 2000 or more online participants are currently expected. The organisers have received more than 800 abstracts, summarising new research data (about one fourth from the USA and slightly less than one fifth from China), and after a very rigorous selection, carried out by almost 100 international experts, about 140 have been selected for oral presentations. Further 300 will be shown in special sessions of posters, which can be accessed also online in a special gallery.

Regarding the standpoint of the results, there are great expectations concerning new data on the treatment of the so-called Hodgkin lymphoma. Those data suggest that most probably rather soon the vast majority and possibly all patients with this subtype of cancer of the lymphatic system could be cured.

Regarding the much bigger group of the socalled non-Hodgkin lymphomas very new data will be presented on trials with the so-called bispecific antibodies and on new versions of the Car-T-Cells methodology (where lymphocytes of patients are infused after having been modified genetically).

These novelties suggest that a clear-cut improvement of the cure rate of many types of non-Hodgkin lymphomas can now be achieved, even when such diseases are still considered today to be rather resistant to standard therapeutic approaches.

One day before the official opening of ICML, about 100 Experts will meet in a closed workshop to finalize the activities, which have been ongoing for more than one year, to update the “Lugano Classification”,currently used worldwide to stage each lymphoma patient. The updated “Lugano Classification” will then be presented officially during ICML.