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The Institute of Oncology Research, established in 2003 in Bellinzona (Switzerland) hosts researchers from all over the world performing basic and translational research in oncology with special focus on:
- cancer biology
- genomics
- molecular oncology
- experimental therapeutics.

At the IOR we believe that science is constantly evolving to improve our understanding of human cancer.
The efforts of our researchers and the resources of the institute are directed towards this challenge, with a commitment to discovering practical and far-reaching solutions to a disease that still impacts on the everyday life of many people around the world.

The IOR supports scientists impacted by the war in Ukraine

The IOR is sympathetic with all those scientists and their families touched by the Ukrainian conflict. In particular, we are supportive of the academics from Ukraine, as well as from Russia, who are affected by the current crisis.

If you are a PhD Student, a PostDoc, or a Senior Scientist impacted by the war and working on topics related to the Institute's research, we encourage you to contact us and inquire on the possibility to be hosted temporarily at the IOR.

Please send an e-mail with complete information to elisa.randi@ior.usi.ch .



At the IOR Institute of Oncology Research, research aims at improving our understanding of human cancer, a disease that greatly impacts on the everyday life of people around the world. Our interests are focused on the genetics and the biology of cancer with a major emphasis on lymphomas and epithelial cancers, like prostate, breast and ovarian cancer.



IOR researchers produce clinical and basic research publications in major scientific journals and newspapers with high impact factor.


Open positions

As a growing research institute, we are always looking for outstanding, motivated researchers and students. We regularly offer the following positions: Internships, PhD studentships, Clinical fellowships, Postdoctoral fellowships...