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Bioinformatics Core Unit

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The Bioinformatics Core Unit supports the research groups with computational and statistical services. Importantly, more than just a supporting role, we proactively identify and develop novel bioinformatics projects that can complement and in many cases drive our biologic research. We develop innovative data analysis tools, visualization software and database resources for genomics research in collaboration with the Dalle Molle Institute of Artificial Intelligence (IDSIA) and the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics (SIB).


Marco Bolis

Co-Head of Bioinformatics Core Unit

Luciano Cascione

Co-Head of Bioinformatics Core Unit

Giada Andrea Cassanmagnago



  • Statistical analysis of high-throughput genomics data.
  • Analysis of next-generation sequencing data.
  • Data integration and functional analysis at systems biology level.
  • Identification of pharmacogenomic biomarkers of drug response.


  • Statistical software: Partek Genomics Suite, Bioconductor.
  • Big memory compute servers: 16-core 64GB, 8-core 128GB + 4GPU.
  • Linux computing clusters at IDSIA.
  • Computing resources at the Swiss National Supercomputing Center (on demand).


We have developed several tools that are freely available:

Facility Acknowledgement

Please acknowledge the Bioinformatics Core Unit in any scientific publication or oral presentation for which data was generated with the use of our equipment, our services, or with the help of our staff’s expertise.

To demonstrate that the equipment in the Facility is used to generate publishable results, please send us a copy of your publication that includes data obtained from the use of our Facility.


If a member of the Facility has made a significant intellectual contribution to your publication beyond routine sample analysis, you should consider co-authorship.