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Open positions

Spontaneous applications

As a growing research institute, we are always looking for outstanding, motivated researchers and students.

We regularly offer the following positions:

  • Internships
  • PhD studentships
  • Clinical fellowships
  • Postdoctoral fellowships

If you feel you would fit well into our dynamic research environment, feel free to send your CV to the Group Leaders.

Working at IOR

Working at IOR means being part of a team at the forefront of oncology research, in a stimulating and collaborative environment.

IOR offers a multicultural environment and daily occasions of interaction with world leaders in the fields of cancer, basic immunology, and cancer immunology, a thriving environment, an exciting research project and multiple occasions of interaction with world leaders in the fields of cancer, basic immunology, and cancer immunology.

In addition to contributing to innovative research projects, our employees enjoy a wide range of benefits that make the work experience even more rewarding.

Working at the IOR is not just a career, but an opportunity for personal and professional growth in an environment that values and supports each individual.

Living in Bellinzona

Bellinzona is broadly known for its three medieval castles: Castelgrande, Castello di Montebello and Castello di Sasso Corbaro, now called Fortezza Bellinzona (the Fortress of Bellinzona). Despite the city’s small size, you can find everything you’ll need for your leisure activities, from cultural to social and sports options. Furthermore, Bellinzona is very well connected to the bigger cities of Lugano and Locarno, where you can also enjoy activities on the lake.


Bellinzona hosts a big polyfunctional sports center where you can find indoor and outdoor swimming pools, ice rinks, golf, tennis and beach volleyball fields! Outdoor climbing is also an option but, you can also find an indoor bouldering gym in the district of Giubiasco.

Hiking is also a very popular activity in Switzerland and Canton Ticino, especially during the weekend. Day trips to explore Swiss mountains and landscapes can easily be organized starting from Bellinzona. In addition to hiking, the region of Bellinzona offers amazing opportunities for cycling friends.

Cultural events

Festivals are easy to find during the summer season in the Bellinzona region and in Ticino, with live concerts, street food events and the world-famous Locarno Film Festival.

If you are passionate about art, you will enjoy the many exhibitions at the Castelgrande, which also hosts several summer concerts, open-air cinema, and many other events all year round.

Bellinzona also has a small but magnificent theater. Acts are mainly in Italian, the official language in Ticino. Same is true for movies at the cinema. Projections in English are more frequent in Lugano and at the Locarno Film Festival. Also, in Locarno you can find the Anglo Swiss Club which screen films during winter in the Locarno theater (angloswisslocarno.ch).

To learn more about events in Ticino visit ticino.ch and bellinzonaevalli.ch.

To learn more about events in Bellinzona visit incitta.ch.

Career and continuing education

The IOR has a strong commitment to the education and training of young researchers through international collaborations with various universities and research centers. In addition, the IOR contributes to the educational programs of the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences of the Università della Svizzera italiana (USI) and to the doctoral school with the PhD Program in Cancer Biology and Oncology.

The IOR is regularly involved in organizing academic and training courses.

More information

Employee benefits

IOR employees enjoy a wide range of benefits that make the work experience even more rewarding. 

These include insurance coverage, favorable terms at banking institutions, discounts on car purchases through contracted fleets, access to a fully equipped gym, restaurants, swimming pools, theaters and numerous leisure activities. 

Equal Opportunities and Gender equality plan

The IOR wishes to create an open, tolerant, collaborative, and inclusive environment where all community members can freely and safely participate in scientific discussions and discoveries and can fully develop and achieve their career goals. To create this environment, interactions among all members of the IOR community must always be based on mutual respect. As an equal opportunity employer, IOR considers employees regardless of race, gender, national origin, or other characteristics.

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