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IOR Lecture Series - "Microbial-derived small molecules in cancer progression and treatment"

Institute of Oncology Research

Date: 28.04.2023 / 12:00 - 13:00

Bios+ Seminar Room, Via Francesco Chiesa 5, 6500 Bellinzona

IOR Lecture Series - “Microbial-derived small molecules in cancer progression and treatment”
Prof. Christian Jobin, University of Florida College of Medicine, US.
The event will take place in the Bios+ Seminar Room, Bellinzona
For remote access to the event: Teams link: Click here to join the meeting
The IOR lecture series is one of the main academic activities of the International PhD Program in Cancer Biology and
The lectures are supported by an unrestricted grant provided by Helsinn Healthcare SA and given by internationally recognized
leaders in the field of cancer.
The Institute of Oncology Research (IOR), affiliated to USI, provides high-level scientific education both for undergraduate
students and experimental diploma thesis, as well as for graduate students. The PhD program is organized in collaboration
with the Università della Svizzera italiana. Experimental work is carried out at IOR under the direct supervision of a Group Leader.