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Peptone and IOR, a winning partnership for innovation and technology transfer

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The Institute of Oncology Research (IOR), affiliated with Università della Svizzera italiana (USI), has partnered with Peptone Ltd., an innovative biotech company based in Bellinzona and London, to conduct research on prostate cancer.

On 30 November, an agreement was announced to promote the development of potential new cancer therapies, specifically for prostate cancer. With its advanced capabilities in artificial intelligence, Peptone will contribute its cutting-edge technology in the analysis of proteins and their behaviour. On the other hand, the IOR's expertise in the field of oncology will be beneficial for accelerating the discovery and development of effective treatments. IOR will bring its deep knowledge in cancer research, such as the evaluation of new therapeutic targets, to this collaboration.

"This type of collaboration highlights the importance of technology transfer offices (TTOs) in universities and research institutes. These offices play a key role in facilitating agreements like this one, ensuring that scientific innovations and discoveries are protected and effectively transferred from academia to industry. The TTO ensures that intellectual property rights are managed appropriately, thus helping to create a solid bridge between research and industry, which is indispensable for progress in medicine and biotechnology," comments Andrea Foglia, Technology Transfer Manager at USI, who oversaw the process.

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