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Team - Molecular Oncology Lab

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Group Leader: Alimonti Andrea, MD

After graduating in Medicine at the University of Rome “La Sapienza” and specializing in Oncology at the National Cancer Institute of Rome, he worked as a Postdoc in New York and at the Harvard Medical School in Boston. Since 2011 he is Director of the Laboratory of Molecular Oncology at the IOR. He is Full Professor of Oncology at USI, Full Professor of Pharmacology at the University of Padua and Full Professor of Experimental Oncology at ETH Zurich. During his career, he has obtained important awards and competitive Grants (Swiss Bridge Award, ERC Grants, J. Steiner Cancer Research Award, Prostate Cancer Foundation Award, Award from the Benioff Initiative for Prostate Cancer Research).

Andrea Alimonti is the author of over 100 scientific publications and his major contribu- tions include:

  • Discovery of a therapeutic approach based on the induction of cellular senescence and immune response against the tumor.
  • Identification of an immune cell type, the myeloid suppressor cells, that can promote prostate cancer progression and resistance to standard therapies.
  • Identification of a novel mechanism of therapy resistance in prostate cancer involving the gut microbiota.

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Alimonti Andrea, Group leader
Attanasio Giuseppe, Lab Technician
Bancaro Nicolò, PhD Student
Bressan Silvia, Research Assistant
Brina Daniela, Research Associate
Calì Bianca, PostDoc
Colucci Manuel, PhD Student
Du Yingxi, PhD Student
Francini Edoardo, Visiting Research Fellow
Gianfanti Federico, PostDoc
Lai Ping, PhD Student
Li Yingrui, PhD Student
Li Yuxin, PhD Student
Liu Lei, PostDoc
Maddalena Martino, PostDoc
Maraccani Luisa, PhD Student
Pasquini Emiliano, Lab Manager
Pernigoni Nicolò, PostDoc
Qiu Shi, Visiting Research Fellow
Song Pan, Visiting Research Fellow
Troiani Martina, PhD Student
Valdata Aurora, PhD Student