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ShapingScience: a "taste" of USI research

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From social media to artificial intelligence, from economics to architecture, not to mention literature, USI offers a “taste” of its scientific research with ShapingScience, a two-day event open to the public and held as part of the celebrations for the 25th anniversary of the University. On Friday, 23 April and Saturday, 24 April, in conjunction with the Bachelor Info Day, young researchers and professors will encourage attendees to explore and discuss current issues and discover their connection to the disciplines studied at the University. The event will be held online and in presence - with a limited audience upon reservation - at the Lugano West Campus, Via Buffi 13. 

Facciamo conoScienza aims to offer to all interested parties an opportunity to get to know USI and at the same time to learn something through the University, opening a dialogue between different disciplines and between the general public and researchers. It will be possible to celebrate World Book day, follow a session dedicated to young researchers of the University, and take part in three “Caffè della conoscenza” (informal talks with experts). 

Several events are in store (all held in Italian). The opening event will be the online conference “Leggere, scrivere, vivere” (Reading, Writing, Living) at 9 am on Friday, 23 April. Also, on Friday, 23 April, at 6 pm, the first “Caffè della conoscenza” “Le macchine intelligenti sapranno emozionarsi?” (Will smart machines be able to feel?) will be held online and in attendance.  

Saturday, 24 April will begin at 10.45 am with a double session: “Caffè della conoscenza”  “Social Media e adolescenza: forgiare il proprio sé nella rete”  (on Social media and teenagers) - in attendance and simultaneously online, and a poster session to get to know USI young researchers who lead participants on a journey through immuno-intelligence, architecture and caricatures, radicalisation, “paradisiac” geometry, social sustainability and gender equality. The third “Caffè della conoscenza” on today’s cancer treatments will close the two days of Facciamo conoScienza, at 5:30 pm on Saturday.

The detailed programme, including speakers and how to participate in attendance or follow online, is available at the following link:


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