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Preclinical Imaging Facility

Head of Preclinical Imaging Facility

Gianluca Civenni, PhD
gianluca.civenni@ior.usi.ch, +41 58 666 7210


The IOR Preclinical Imaging Facility (PIF) is a core facility that provides support to researchers working with preclinical small-animal models. The intent is to offer a range of technologies and equipment to perform non-invasive longitudinal imaging studies.

The PIF is integrated within the small-animal facility shared with IRB, IOR and EOC researchers. Its main objective is to develop and make available to the scientific community in Ticino non-invasive imaging technologies to visualize physiological and pathological processes in vivo in small-animal models.

The PIF supports also basic research and translational studies aimed at developing new high-end in vivo imaging approaches that might improve data quality and reproducibility, while minimizing the impact on animal wellbeing and reducing numbers of animals per individual studies.


The Facility is equipped with two in-vivo optical imaging systems and an advanced Ultra High Frequency ultrasound for small-animals.

The Facility provide access to an in vivo luminescence and fluorescence imaging system (IVIS Spectrum, PerkinElmer) and a Newton FT500 (Witec) with all the accessory equipment and laboratory space for small-animal studies in the spf facility. The Facility is also equipped with a novel small-animal echography system, Vevo 3100 (Fujifilm Visualsonic).


The Facility provides support for preclinical imaging primarily to the researchers at the IOR, IRB and other Institutes in Ticino. In addition, the PIF personnel provides to all users training on animal handling, imaging and data analysis along with consulting on experimental plans.