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Cancer Therapy: awarded the research by Andrea Alimonti

Andrea Alimonti, group leader of the Institute of Oncology Research (IOR)
Andrea Alimonti, group leader of the Institute of Oncology Research (IOR)

Institutional Communication Service

Andrea Alimonti, group leader at the Institute of Oncology Reserach (IOR), soon to be affiliated with USI (Faculty of Biomedical Sciences), is one of the recipients of the latest ERC Consolidator Grant, competitive funding provided by the European Research Council to researchers who are “consolidating” their scientific career.

Prof. Alimonti has received a scholarship of about 2 million CHF for the project Dual targeting of senescence and tumor immunity for cancer therapy. It is the second ERC Grant, assigned to the researcher after the Starting won in the year 2010.

The number of ERC funds assigned to Ticino is now 9 from 2007 until today, confirming that scientific research is a growing field, also thanks to the input of our University. 3 out of 9 ERC have been awarded to USI researchers (Michele Parrinello with 2 ERC Advanced Grant for PUSHBOUND and VARMET, and Michael Bronstein, with 1 ERC Starting Grant for COMET). The remaining Grants were assigned to researchers active in USI affiliated Institutes such as IRB (2 Advanced Grant to Antonio Lanzavecchia for IMMUNExplore and BROADimmune, and 1 Advanced Grant to Federica Sallusto with PREDICT) and IDSIA (USI and SUPSI affiliated, with the Starting Grant to Fabrizio Grandoni), and Andrea Alimonti, IOR, with a Starting and a Consolidator.