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Research Areas - Immuno-oncology

Immunology: role of MDSCs in supporting tumor proliferation
Immunology: identification of novel MDSCs inhibitors


Our goal is to design novel immune-based therapies for prostate cancer.

Alimonti lab unprecedentedly demonstrated that tumour-infiltrating myeloid cells can antagonize chemotherapy-induced senescence (Di Mitri et al. Nature 2014) and drive the onset of castration resistance in prostate cancers (Calcinotto et al., Nature 2018). The molecular characterization of these biological processes has pioneered innovative clinical trials to assess the efficacy of treatments targeting myeloid cells in prostate cancer patients.

Further, we recently extended our interests to identifying novel immune checkpoints in prostate cancer and the characterization of non-myeloid immune cell subsets populating the tumor microenvironment, especially in response to pro-senescence compounds. These findings will be pivotal for designing new treatment modalities to fight prostate cancer.