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Research topics - Genetic and phenotypic attributes of splenic marginal zone lymphoma

Splenic marginal zone B-cell lymphoma (SMZL) is a heterogeneous entity at different levels. The group seeks to provide a unifying view of SMZL by resolving its heterogeneity in subgroups sharing genomic abnormali- ties, pathway signatures and microenvironment composi- tions to uncover biomarkers and therapeutic vulnerabili- ties. The group studied 303 SMZL spleen samples collected through the IELSG46 multicenter, international study (NCT02945319), identifying two genetic clusters in SMZL, termed NNK (58% of cases, from NF-kB, NOTCH and KLF2 modules) and DMT (32% of cases, from DNA damage response, MAPK and TLR modules). These genetic clusters have distinct underpinning biology. In summary, the group proposes a nosology of SMZL that could improve its classification and aid the development of rationally designed targeted treatments.