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Team - Cancer Immunotherapy Lab


Group Leader: Arianna Calcinotto, PhD

Arianna Calcinotto earned a PhD in Molecular Medicine with honors at the Università Vita-Salute San Raffaele, Milan in 2015. She completed her PhD and PostDoc training before at San Raffaele Institute in Milan, then in the lab of Prof. Bergsagel at Mayo Clinic (Arizona, USA) and more recently at IOR. She has published several original papers in major scientific journals (Nature, Science, Nature Communications and Nature Medicine). Her major scientific contributions have been the identification of an immune cell type, the myeloid suppressor cells, that can promote prostate cancer progression and resistance to standard therapies, the identification of a novel mechanism of therapy resistance in prostate cancer involving the gut microbiota and the identification of an unexpected link between the presence of specific bacteria in the gut microbiota and a faster progression to frank multiple myeloma. In 2019, she established her independent research group at IOR and since 2020 is Lecturer at ETH Zurich. For her scientific contributions, she was awarded the Pfizer Research Prize 2020 and the Peter Hans Hofschneider Professorship 2020.

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Balia Maria Teresa, PhD Student
Boffa Letizia, PhD Student
Calcinotto Arianna, Group leader
De Carli Roberta, Visiting Research Fellow
Fasana Chiara, Research Assistant
Garda Cindy, PhD Student
Massara Matteo, Research Associate
Meogrossi Giada, PhD Student
Pasquini Emiliano, Lab Manager
Righetti Francesca, PhD Student