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Research topics - Prostate cancer transcriptome analysis reveals common path towards disease progression

In a study published in Nature Communications, the group described the trajectory related to disease progression in an unprecedented quantitative and qualitative manner. Using patient-derived xenograft models, the group functionally validated these observa- tions and added single-cell resolution, showing that tumor progression occurs through transcriptional adaption rather than a selection of pre-existing cancer cell clusters. This study allowed to determine at the single-cell level how inhibition of EZH2 – the top upregulated gene along the trajectory – reverts tumor progression and macrophage polarization. Finally, a user-friendly web-resource was generated, enabling the investigation of dynamic transcriptional perturbations linked to disease progression (pcaprofiler.com). Thus far, this is the largest transcriptional atlas for prostate cancer that includes data sets of human primary and metastatic tumors.