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Team - Experimental Therapeutics Lab


Group Leader: Prof. Carlo Catapano, MD PhD

After graduating in Medicine summa cum laude in 1983, Carlo Catapano specialized in Oncology at the University of Naples (Naples, IT). During his training and career, he worked at the Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research (IRFMN, Milan, IT), the Bowman Gray Medical School and the Wake Forest University (Winston-Salem, NC, USA), where he received the Ph.D. in Biochemistry. From 1993, he was a Professor of Experimental Oncology, Biochemistry and Medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina (Charleston, USA). Since 2003, he has been Director of the Laboratory of Experimental Oncology at the IOSI and then Director of the IOR. He is also Head of the Laboratory of Experimental Therapeutics and is responsible for the IOR's Tumor Biology and Experimental Therapeutics Program.

He is the author of over 115 scientific publications and his major scientific contributions include:

  • Role of transcription and epigenetic regulators in the expansion of cancer stem cells and as potential therapeutic targets.
  • Discovery of small non-coding RNAs as epigenetic regulators of oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes in cancer cells
  • Dependence of cancer stem cells on mitochondrial metabolism and dynamics, and development of novel anticancer therapies.

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Badolato Francesca, Master Student
Balla Atik, Research Assistant
Bassi Manuela, Master Student
Catapano Carlo, Group leader
Cecchetto Thomas, Master Student
Civenni Gianluca, Research Associate
Dongilli Cristina, Research Assistant
El Mayel Sirine, Master Student
Federici Elisa, Phd Student
Impellizzieri Daniela, Research Associate
Interligi Marta, Master Student
Jarrossay Lucien, Civil service
Merulla Jessica, Research Associate
Mosole Simone, Research Associate
Osto Melania, Animal Welfare Officer
Sandrini Giada, PhD Student
Storelli Elisa, Research Associate
Uboldi Valeria, PhD Student